Statewide Matting - Anti-Fatigue Matting
Anti-Fatigue Matting

The Hog Heaven™ range combine practicality & aesthetics in a remarkable way.
The prime feautre of these mats is the closed-cell cushion backing, which is permanently
moulded to the mat face. This give outstanding comfort & anti-fatigue properties.

The different faces of the Hog Heaven™ range offer different benefits.

Standard Hog Heaven™ Marble Top, Plush & Fashion offer visually attractive mats,
for situations where the mat will be in the public eye (retail service counters etc).

The standard Hog Heaven™ is available with safety striped edges while the
surface of Hog Heaven™ Confetti is constructed of 95% post-consumer
car tyres!
Anti-Fatigue Matting

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