Statewide Matting - Logo Matting
Logo Matting

Combine proctical floor protection with passive marketing techniques - use a
printed logo mat! We can offer an array of option to suit every business.

Different printing methods offer different benefits:

- PMS Printing - blocks of colour are printed on the face of the mat.
The original logo mat method.

- Full-colour printing - this allows intricate designs & even photographs to
be printed onto the face of the mat.

- Tufted - the design is built up using pre-coloured mat fibres.
Gives colour all the way through.

- Inlay process - the latest in logo mat design. Segments of the logo are
pieced together using mat material. This gives a very resilient finished
product, which will not wear off or fade. Ideal for high-traffic situations.

- Moulded - for large quantities & heavy usage, you may want to look at
actually having your logo impressed into the physical face of the mat.
This is ideal for store chains, real estate & other multiple-outlet
Logo Matting

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